About Matthias Hansen

Matthias Hansen is a professional leader with more than 17 years of experience in the financial services industry, the insurance industry in particular.

His working experience encompasses the following industry relevant areas of responsibility:

He worked as Principal Consultant for Price Waterhouse Management Consultants and led international large scale and complex projects implementing world wide finance and controlling systems for banks and insurance companies.

As member of the executive board of Germany's largest broker syndicate, Fonds Finanz, he was resposible for broker aqcuisition, broker onboarding and support, all sales activities across several sales channels, operational core processes like insurance contract transfers, comissions handling for insurers as well as for the brokers.

At last he was CEO at one of Germany's largest software providers in the insurance market, Smart InsurTech, a 100% subsidiary of MDAX listed Hypoport. Matthias Hansen was besides his board member responsibilties in charge for Strategy, Marketing and Sales. Furthermore he acts as non-executive board members of Hypoport hub and Step Innovation Hub.

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